Glass Silver Lining

by Avalanche

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released August 7, 2014

Engineered & Produced by Callan Orr of Avalanche Studios (Melbourne, Australia)

Artwork by Marcel Gadacz



all rights reserved



Debut studio album "Glass Silver Lining" out now!

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Track Name: Plaster Saint
Don't speak a word if you don't mean what you say // Empty talks come a long way // We fight and we pride in our vital notion // Fault the stars inside our heads // It's only what we choose to perceive // We break and we mend all the mess we conducted // Held in captivity // Free the souls of the voiceless // We are all ONE creation // Together we will end this war // I look in their eyes and saw nothing but hopelessness and fear // Who are you to break their cycle? // Fault the stars inside our heads // It's only what we choose to perceive // They live by the death of others // "The search for truth is more precious than it's possession" // Blistering fiend, where did you hide your compassion? // They live by the death of others // They left their conscience unattended // Don't speak a word if you don't mean what you say // Ignorance is bliss and it lives up to your name.
Track Name: Two Years
Two years // You can't have what's left of me // I refuse to kneel // I'll sink my teeth for the best of me // This is my moment to fix // What's the point of adding insult to an injury? // This is my moment to last // What's the point of adding salt to the wounds? // I know someday, my mind will defeat my low self-contentment // You had my head underneath the soil // I am breathing still // I won't falter // The race my heart once paced // I don't need you // I am on my own // Back on track to where I left it all // I will conquer the tempest bound to hit // Back track to the memories // Bottled dreams contrive till the end // I'll sink my teeth for the best of me // I was left alone tangled in despair thinking it was the end for me // Strangers have passed and the noose I left behind // I'm on my own two feet // My story begins
Track Name: American Nightmare
The daily commute squeezes me dry // 9 to 5 consumes me alive // Familiar faces of travesty // I watch them run the wheel in harmony // Rise of the rotten // The dying breed // Souls of the barren // I will plant the seed // Staggering scuffed black // Working class resentment // Whisky on the rocks // Swallow cold disappointment // Worlds apart, the lies we are fed // I choose not to fucking tread // They told me to live the American dream // A nightmare conjuring my grand esteem // I live to seek an important noise // I live free with a sovereign voice // A liberal slave bows to the faceless // A masked facade restraints society // Illuminate the empire of the unsung // We won’t fall to the American nightmare
Track Name: A Grandeur Hoax
Corruption comes knocking at your front door // It keeps straining till the end of the line // Restitution floods more and more // They kept your youthful mind before knowing what’s right from wrong // Days and months we were kicking our heels // Losing every penny if we don't succeed // Do you even sleep at night? // Will you dream with open eyes? // They are all subjects of a grandeur hoax // We see a circus of slander on screens and papers // Lies of a serpent's trail follow you close // They conspire in a glamorous fashion // Slowly breaking this fragile human nation // Don’t fall into their hands // Fuck the council // We bury you in lies, six feet deep // Drawn out eyes, staring down at you // We yearn for affliction // We will witness the downfall of you
Track Name: Headlights Feat. Rebecca Hammond
I can feel you in my heartbeat and it feels like I'm in heaven // I can feel you in my lungs and it pulls me out of this hell // Hold my hand in the city that never sleeps // We've got the whole wide world at the edge of our feet // Spun around in your perfect daze // You caught me when I fell from grace // I found my fate in this life I once learnt to hate // Love will keep us together // This love won't separate us from forever // This is where life & death sing // I watched you disappear // I will see you again
Track Name: Hound Days
We want a new revolution // Put your fist up & scream your lungs out // Seize the force for a better liberation // Put your fist up & scream your lungs out // Stuck in decay // Save me from this stolen rapture // One god, show me the path to make a difference // One love, where is your heart? // Speak up! // Passed the century of lucid pure humanity // This generation all comes crashing down // Can you hear the voice of disorder? // Can you hear it? // Listen close & follow my lead // Get out, rally the streets // Stand up and sing with me // This is our chance to speak up // Stay in line and keep your eyes in sight // We found our reason to live // No more slipping up // No more letting yourself down // Together we seize the moment.
Track Name: Cold Fever
I keep comparing myself to everyone // I will never be satisfied with who I am or what I want to be // Question everything that stands in my way // I was made for so much more // I will overcome // Fearless as a lion // Wise as a fox // A part of me revives // I rather be an iridescent creature than being one with the human race // Why do we constantly need to fill that empty void in us? // Verse after verse, my thoughts bury this world deep // Lies after lies, threaded by misery // I will overcome // Their eyes will start to recognize // The need for closure // A reason to disconnect // Will this come to an end? // I can feel the fire burning in my bones // To set the world on fire // I seek comfort in my own skin
Track Name: All Of Me
Sing this anthem for my friends // Sing this anthem for my family // I feel so relentless // The memories consume all of me // Hefty heart // Deadbeat lungs // Denial gets harder to breathe // Trust in my eyes // The truth speaks to me // You can take everything but you can’t have all of me // Desolated at the seams // I've never felt this stitch before // I will never pride the fondness of infidelity // You fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice, you know we’re through // Friable nerves intertwine to hold what's close to me // I will break free from the burden of my empty chest // I will break free from the walls I am shut within // Sing this anthem for my friends // Brothers in arms we collide // Sing this anthem for my family // The ache I find my pride and joy
Track Name: 1203 BLVD Feat. Zachary Britt
Your father's eyes // Cold heart in an ocean where nothing's answered but I got my mother's sense of doubt // I tried my best, seems motionless // The deep blue holds its secrets to the death // You fought it hard and it made its mark // My friend I know that you've got nothing left // I can't see quite clearly, how you just gave into // It's all getting harder with time // The way that you held me, and gently kept whispering // You'll be fine // With fists held high, into the cold dark night // I've got my mother’s heart, and my father’s fight // We’ll take this sight away from home // We’ll choose the life we want for our own // We’ll trek through constellations // Hold on, we’re coming back home // Moving on, moving far